Around 150 countries have enacted policies to catalyse investments in renewable technologies supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the World Bank through their global Sustainable Development Goals. Yet within this context a highly significant number of people still have no access to electricity with a large percentage living rurally in the world’s poorest countries where conventional grid access is not well served.


Off grid energy, based on local renewables for productive use by either micro business or community activity, is predicted to increasingly provide social, environmental and economic dividends for citizens including job creation, income raising and ultimately growing industrial competitiveness.

There is a pressing humanitarian need to accelerate developments and distributed electricity systems for productive power are predicted for rapid expansion with the sector expected to evolve into a multi-billion US$ industry across all technologies.

Hydro is a proven technology yet new pico/micro hydro installations, often replacing diesel generation, have not achieved exponential take-off due to the lack of a standard product that does not require extensive site studies and that can exploit previously undeveloped resources.


VE have been developing a breakthrough product along key technology characteristics including ‘universal siting/portability’ and ‘ease of installation and maintenance’ to evolve an ability to site easily and quickly in multiple and varied locations with an estimated world market of between 0.5 million to 5 million units.